Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency A.Ş.



  • Trademark in Turkey

  • Deris conducts conflict of interest searches in our own database, upon receipt of trademark filing instructions, to determine and avoid any potential conflict beforehand.

  • Trademarks are managed under three sub departments, each of which has a chief with over thirty years of experience, supported by Trademark Attorneys and administrative staff.

  • The Trademark Search team of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency A.S. conducts “preliminary screening/search” and provides consultation on the following ip matters:

    • Registration and enforceability of IP rights on word trademarks, figurative trademarks and 3d trademarks

    • Domain names

    • Company names

    • Watch and monitoring services" for trademarks

  • Deris Trademark Prosecution team is responsible for drafting, preparing, filing and prosecuting of trademark and domain name applications in Turkey and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Deris Trademark Prosecution team handles the proceedings for prosecuting the trademarks and domain names with the authorities Turkish Patent Institute and METU (Middle East Technical University). The team follows administrative procedure management for securing registrations in other countries by working through our network of correspondents as well as directly with international authorities such as WIPO, OHIM. It also provides consultation and administrative procedure management for the protection of copyright, registration (where applicable) before the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organization services such as: consultation, organizing and training of in-house IP teams and departments for local clients.

  • Deris Recordal & Renewal team provides trademark renewal services in Turkey through an integrally computerized system. It prepares and records the status of changes made for assignment, merger, change of name, address, and pledges, while also providing consultation in preparing license agreements.