Deriş Patents and Trademarks Agency A.Ş.



  • Patent

  • Since Turkey has become a member of the EPC as from November 1, 2000, there has been an increasing volume of validations of European patents completed by Deris before the Turkish Patent Institute. The patent department in Deris is the oldest and largest unit of our company with European Patent Attorneys, chartered patent agents, and experienced administrative staff.

  • Our patent department conducts screening/search and consultation on the registration and enforceability of IP rights on patents, utility models, new plant varieties and integrated circuit topographies. As of 2006, the patent department has handled the prosecution of industrial designs.

  • The patent department provides services for drafting, preparing, filing and prosecuting applications for patents in Turkey. As a result of Turkey’s membership to the EPC on January 11, 2000, Deris now manages provisional protection and validation of European Patents before the Turkish Patent Institute.